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 Storyline for the Site

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Storyline for the Site Empty
PostSubject: Storyline for the Site   Storyline for the Site I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 15, 2011 5:48 am

Hey people Smile

I don't know much about the shows comics, what happened in them, so I've created a storyline loosly based on what I know.
I don't exactly have a plot though. Usually the series have a "big bad", if any member wants they can be that. Or any ideas you guys may have for a plot, feel free to say so below.

This is the layout for what has happened so members know where we're starting.

Once the hellmouth closed and Sunnydale was destroyed, the scoobies split up to find the awakened slayers and teach them.
Buffy and Xander at the central command base located in a citadel in Scotland. Having a wide array of witches, seers, psychics, and slayers, along with a vast amount of technology to aid them. The funding coming from when the slayers stole from a swiss bank, and various donations Buffy claims.
Other bases would be...
Giles's in Russia.
Andrew's in Italy.
Robin's in Cleveland, Ohio.
Vi's in New York City.
Rona in Chicago.
Donna's in Barcelona.
And a few others located around the world.
((The other areas will be opened up if someone claims the characters, or for the bottom three if someone wants their OC to take over instead of that slayer that is okay too.))

There are around 1,800 slayers out there, about 500 joined with the scoobies seperated into ten squads.

Back in L.A.
The gang went up against the army that the Senior Partners sent after them. But came out victorious without L.A. getting sent to hell.
With the gang alive, Angel Investigations is now up and running again in the Hyperion under Angel's command.

The roleplay is set in the year 2005, about a year or so after each show.

So, feel free to post below.
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Storyline for the Site
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