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 A day like this makes you want too... ((Open))

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Dawn Summers
Dawn Summers

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PostSubject: A day like this makes you want too... ((Open))   Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:06 am

Dawn walked through the city, a few shopping bags from various stores in hand. She was out shopping for the citadel. They were running out of food- which was usually gone within the week. And a few other items that the girls or the citadel itself needed. Such as more cables. Medical supplies. Bathroom items. More weapons was a must too but she couldn't legally buy alone. One of the older slayers that came with her had left to meet with their weapons supplier. A creepy guy that worked in a creepy store in her opinion. It was all gothicy and the owner had a ton of piercings and, he wore guyliner. That was a little disturbing itself. Though he kind of pulled it off...

Approximatly four other slayers had came to the city to shop with Dawn. Since shopping for a few dozen people required alot of shopping and alot of bag carrying. But after the first drop off to the van, the slayers had gotten distracted by other stores. Especially the clothing ones. They were all new recruits and didn't have the sense of responsibility that the experianced ones had. So Dawn wasn't sure where the girls had left too. She just knew that they ditched her, leaving her to finish shopping. It kind of bothered her too. These bags were heavy! And there were alot. She hated doing all the lifting herself. It wasn't easy for a girl that didn't have the incredible slayer strength the girls had.

When Dawn finished the last load she locked the van and left it, walking down the street. Attempting to find the girls. And do some shopping for herself. She had purposefully forgot to buy a few items for this reason.


A Song for Dawnie
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Cassandra J. Magerine

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PostSubject: Re: A day like this makes you want too... ((Open))   Sun Feb 27, 2011 8:47 pm

Cassie sighed, and walked down the street. Her head hurt, and everything seemed terrible. Her little crush on Xander wasn't helping either. Everyone seemed to know about it except him. Why did she have to be so shy? She shook her head, and walked into a store. She looked around, and didn't see anything too good, so she walked back out. "This sucks." She muttered.

(Sorry it's so short!)
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A day like this makes you want too... ((Open))
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